Day 7 Bringing on the blooming plants

It rained again last night, and it looks like the gardener will have to service the Lawn mower before long.

Ha, one can only dream!

 Had a thought about this course on my way to The Edge, in a carriage on a train.

I will probably never be able to watch another news story unfold with out thinking of the cut-aways, voice overs and other artifacts, that are used to create a more interesting television tale.

 Now, as they say in the big world, ‘The story is wrote, the tale is told’, and the early part of the day was spent having the aforementioned scrutinised for Grammar lapses, Glaring omissions and Gloop like rubbish, by our long suffering coordinator.

The best bit was that The Piece was not completely discarded into that big dustbin, bottom left of screen (on an Ubuntu operating system). It survived with just a modest little rewrite.

 So, with a huge sigh of relief, the remaining hours were spent making the suggested changes and generally tarting up the script, and finally making it LOOK as if it had some potential to be turned into a printed story, on the morrow.

Fail Again…. Never shout words with capital letters, see?

 This was polishing tartiness in the truest sense. I was amazed at how many punctuation errors there were. Many of them were caused because those sorts of punctuation had been totally erased Terminator style, by the long thin cane of school days.

Not talking about forgetting full stops or commas, but rather the correct use for placing bracket types, hyphens, colons and semi colons. And I know a Grammar Nazi who loves nothing better than……..

 There was a lunch break to day – for some. But most of us spent the time huddled in desperation over our laptops, trying to have the finished version out by Noon +30 minutes.

 The afternoon session turned into a great surprise (well almost everything turns into a surprise for me, I forget so quickly).

Intensive Marketing. A lot the discussion related to our earlier work, on the various methods of defining and maintaining a consistency in Profiles, Marketing and measuring the effectiveness of a campaign throughout a given event using a variety of tools that I will not expand upon, because the unloved and unclean won’t have the slightest idea what I am writing about. The last sentence a bit of a lung-full, used to get the taught bit over as quickly as.

 How the instructor managed to shoe horn so much more usable data into our already saturated brains, one can only live in amazement and wonder.

 The days wrap up was clear and concise, and in precisely the language I understand.

Do the final layout tomorrow morning, and we will all party on, thru afternoon and night.

 Had a nice little interlude afterwards, when one of the course members came home with me, to take a few photos of the Native Bee’s, living in an old tree trunk down the bottom of the garden.

I hope that some of the photo’s work, but the bee’s were not very cooperative.

 The sunshine departs, with no sign of rain tonight, so I’m off to have a 7 kilometre run with Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers tonight

 Awesome, I finally got a Website tag into this blog. Learning, all about learning, you know.


5 thoughts on “Day 7 Bringing on the blooming plants

  1. G’day Baggins….great to see you are still having a run with the H3 Mob….but i don’t think i ever saw you do 7km in your tender young years at Mt Isa…without shortcutting….has old age meant theat you actually have to follow the whole trail so you remeber where you are?


    • Plug, you will never know how wonderful it is to hear from you, out in the isolated West Coast. We were drinking Caple Vale and expounding on its virtues, just a scant few days ago.
      Truth to tell I walk, all be it briskly, but can still manage a few km of more rapid locomotion if there is a downhill slope, and shapely movement to the fore.
      This learning exercise has been a lot of fun (recommend you to it when you are old enough) – will now be showing the course tomorrow some of the virtues of a good South African sparkling wine. Just amazing what one can weave into the learning process!
      Do you know, I still have those Nike runners I drank out of all those years ago, at your Bunbury Hash run
      Love to the ever slender Canal xxx

  2. Dear King of the Comma. Do U thk w shd lrn yng prsn gramma? No, I didn’t think so. Let’s start a revolution – the comma is dead, long live the comma. The Queen (Bee) of the commas. G

  3. Never mind the commas, how about this awesome errant apostrophe – “the bee’s were not very cooperative” – very funny.

    On another note, yes Beck did manage to squeeze volumes of information into us all!

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