Day Three, Channel 10 Television is alive and well

I have discovered that there were a lot of people in our world that actually savour coffee, and experiment with the roasted bean flavours and styles, in much the same way that others do with grape varieties in wine, or hop and wheat in beers.

So this morning on the way to The Edge, I thought to count the number of coffee shops, between Roma Street Station [no photography allowed] and our class, a distance of about one kilometre. Amazed to find 14 shops or stalls, all open for business at 9 am, and all seemed to be able to compete successfully! Good grief, Charlie Brown, what does Guinness know about this.



So made a point of getting in earlier today, to have a Long Black before the learning began.


Most of the class day was spent preparing for the weekend assignment – To interview one or two people, then write a story based on the questions asked at the interview.

Now I know all the work so far has been leading up to this, but as the lectures unfolded a vacuum seemed to grow ever bigger inside my head. Been thinking ‘bloody hell, how to find a topic’, where to begin to do research on a topic that is still a vague mist in my mind. Oh Wikki, you and I will be so close tomorrow.


So, if I had to summarize my activities today, it would fall into just three parts, or perhaps four sections. Ahh, and a little bit.


Spent the morning listening to others input, because I really had nothing at all to contribute.

I have realized I have virtually no concept at all, of how to think questions to do the research, to ask an interviewee [known as ‘talent’ in the trade].



finding out that one needs to learn heaps more about half a dozen more software tools [do not mention them here, save for later]– and I’m not talking about the scant knowledge acquired over the last 5 days on the in-adequateness of WordPress and an unfathomable Twitter. No idea how many of my Twits are still jiggling around in the ether, but few seem to have found there way to their intended targets. Let me clarify the latter. I think that when I have worked out how to use the # and @ I might well have it all sorted. What to use now to disguise letters in naughty words? I ponder.

For the former, this has a long way to go. Each student has somehow managed to create a different version of WordPress, that has differing controls for layout and print style. Or in some cases, none at all.

For instance I can’t get my parchment style background to ‘stick’ and there seems no way to change type styles.

And this sort of thing is vital to indicate our very individual Brand of Blog. Cough cough.



Our outing to the Channel 10 TV station at the top of Mt Coot-ha was certainly the most interesting of the three media outlets we have seen so far. We left the building with a feeling that the staff there really enjoyed working together. They were all so accessible, and are the first to  encourage us to continue with the CitizenJ concept, giving us information on how to access to their news system via various the social media they used.

I have completely changed my views on the role Channel 10 the Company, and their cheerful staff, play in our society’s quest for information.



For our 5pm evening break, I headed over to Archives in West End, and dropped down a few well hopped IPA’s, and began writing up the days events, while it was all fresh in my mind.


Early evening saw some of us heading a few hundred metres up the road to Avid Reader, for wines and nibbles, and to listen to Emma Carter’s insights at her book launching. The book, ‘Beyond the Logo’ is designed to help small to mid sized companies understand the process of creating and marketing a Brand Image in the correct sequence, and with the right types of graphic design.

Several of the CitizenJ students bought a signed copy




Photography and Public Relations for the event was handled by Bridget Heinemann. Thank you Bridget, and further to our all too short talk, I know you would enjoy getting involved with CitizenJ

Looking forward to the Humbug over at UQ, tomorrow afternoon, to find suitable ‘Talent’ to Interview, for an as yet unknown Topic. Don’t stop breathing.

4 thoughts on “Day Three, Channel 10 Television is alive and well

  1. When will the powers allow blogs such as this to be in newspaper column format..? Something 50mm wide is much easier to read then having to scroll towards Earth Core to find the end or scan across modern wide screens. Just a comment from an informed source.

    • Kerrykins, I think it may be possible to do columns, so I will look into that.
      Do you think I should use smaller type as well? I always listen to Professionals, you know.
      But I am having a hell of job making this inteface do what I want.
      The header was supposed to be faded brown with a Da Vinci style avatar of me, and ended up Purple with no avatar. Sheeesh.
      And I wanted parchment for the background of the page, but its gone a pale blue tinge.

      • Message read young Baggins. I’m of the view that if you pay for something and it isn’t working as promised you make polite noises at those who made the claim. Even better – get THEM to show you how their bleeping software works. Seen once – remembered forever. {ahhhh – yes – and what a delight she was…}

  2. Well Kerrykins, I am at Humbug were the Deep Thinkers are seated around boxes of Maltesers where complaints fly forth about the fact that there is just too much chocolate coating the malt.
    Well I have found the spell checker for Mozilla works in the reply
    it works.
    however getting the news print style is proving elusive. Best brains in Brisvagas, are wilting under the pressure.

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