Day Two, is there a story out there?

And it seems like I’ve been here weeks already, and I know my way around the State Library complex like an old timer, and I really don’t get lost at all.


Just have to go back to the elephant once more, this time to follow up on the first public comment made to my Blogg on Day One, that there was much more to the fallen statue than first appeared.

I discovered that the million dollar elephant had ended up on its nose because of a Rat. And I have to wonder how many passers by ever knew there really was a Rat out there – but on ‘The Other Side’?

It is a fairly large and handsome rat, at that. A sort of Cane Rat, or Ruttus Rattus, or perhaps even a King Rat, with its very own patch of green, green grass.




Now quickly, back to the class room to see what the day brings.

We looked at successful photo journalism styles, uses of slides with audio overlay, straight audio as well as descriptions of an event blending a mix of all three.


Today, for our ‘Outing’, we visited The Fairfax Newspaper offices at 420 Adelaide Street, and were shown around the Brisbane operations by Cameron, the Brisbane operations editor.

Even after the ABC visit yesterday, I still find it amazing that so much news is gathered, and later disseminated, by so few journalists. At Fairfax there were a mere handful in the entire Brisbane operation.

Honestly, one got the feeling that there were many more IT personnel at work maintaining and operating the electronic Guts in the building, than all the journalist staff using it! Only a feeling, mind you.


On our return we split into two teams. Our team worked a topic involving an editor, journalist  and sound man on one side, wanting to get a emotional story out of a bloke, who five hours earlier had reversed his car down the driveway, over their two year old child.

The other team discussed surveillance, and non disclosure by a journalist and editor, to a police official, and a Lawyer acting for an irate mother of a fourteen year old daughter, who had held a Rave? Party while mother and father were away.

 My own worst nightmare had arrived.

It was Role Play time.

No point in summarising how it all unfolded, as you had to be there to catch, and hold tight, to that roller coaster ride of polite discourse.

Suffice to say I am surrounded by a cast of superb word artists, and became enthralled by the verbal sparring that erupted, as each point was put, pushed and pulled.

 And at days half time [it was only 5pm and we all still had many more hours of review work and homework  to do] I stepped away from the train station, and came a upon a huge crime scene right in the middle of our little village.

Dozens of flood lights on stands, people with clip boards, a big thick power cable snaking back to a smelly generator, and a mass of young blokes all in working gear dashing about carrying boxes of gear in and out of four massive trucks. I instantly visualized the investigation set up from tv series like CSI New York, or Body of Evidence.

A biggie right in my own suburban back yard.

 Oh yes. I know, right now, I really really know …….. I have the ultimate ‘up’ on tomorrow nights homework. This I Truly Know. A real scoop for class tomorrow. Almost piddling with excitement. Honest Johnson.


Out with the Android to begin surreptitiously clicking away, until I realised that I could be more brazen and take photos of almost anything I wanted from a public foot path – another one of our lessons today.

Only five steps further down the foot path, there was a large sign.

“This Subway branch is closed all day for a National Photo Shoot. We apologise for any inconvenience”.

Oh Bloody Hell, crime story blown away, photos so wasted, and I’ll have to work like all the rest of the team, over the coming weekend.

You see, the essence of yet another of today’s lessons was, “to maintain honesty in Journalism”.

15 thoughts on “Day Two, is there a story out there?

    • The statue was a rather expensive item and caused a few ruffled feathers, because it was thought originally that it would be upright! Very few looked around the other side. Its weird, but I love it, too.

  1. I just hope your asterisk (*) key doesn’t run out of ink – love what you are doing, make this habit habitual.


    • The (*) bit is being rather stridently controlled for the duration of this course. That is not to say that later, when the leash is off, the tales might become a little less accurate. However I was faulted by our Tutor [quite correctly] for setting down the wrong streeet number in the Day two outing!

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