Why I want to be a journalist?

Never stop learning Allow yourself to stay excited with new technology, and always stay curious.

Espoused by Ian Skidmore, Writer, Journalist, Radio announcer. An all up Great Bloke and friend. 1927 – 2013

So why do I want to better understand the mechanics of Journalism.

Being able to express oneself in a manner that is interesting to an audience, has always fascinated me.

With Toastmasters one meets people who delighted their audience in the spoken tale and might later become successful businessmen, or to a lesser extent, politicians.

The same occurred when making documentaries about the Mining industry. Women who could join together disjointed events of underground operations, or in smelters or refineries, that held a viewing audience in awe, long after leaving the theatre. But writing has remained a short suite. I have wondered for a long time if it were possible to learn the fundamentals of telling a tale in an interesting way, by writing, instead of speaking.

I have followed some great English newspaper writers over the years, and their reporting style always seemed as clear as if they were standing nearby, chatting in a crowded room.

I believe that this short, but intense, course will improve the way I gather the information, to better make a story come alive in the minds of others.

Communication is the cornerstone of all replicating Matter, and Mankind is, of course, an integral part of this process. And in order to communicate fully, one must understand how the communication process works.

Having written a number of training manuals, which used paper, the thought occurred that it would be interesting to move on into the digital age aligned to twitter, Facebook and G+ as Digital News.

Corinda November 2013

2 thoughts on “why?

  1. Ah Tony, the blogger who doesn’t realise he’s a natural blogger. The mix of reflection, insight and a touch of coloquial humour is what it is all about. Count me as a follower.

  2. And am I the ONLY one to notice this was posted at 04:59 hrs..?? Methinks there is a time of reflection and composition prior to the dawn chorus. Before that I suspect the early morning tinkle forced our Baggins into action. I shall review the webcam stream later – and post it on YouTube. { O’ gosh – did I type that out loud…?} PS: May I suggest Stillnox washed down with warm water to flip you back into a sound sleep. Kindest regards. Kerrykins

    PS: Shall not log in via FaceBook as WordPress is demanding access to my friends list prior to receiving the post. NBL = Not Bleeding Likely. Email provided to conform in the least possible manner.

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