Day One

What a fascinating course this has turned out to be.

Looking back on the day, I am wondering just how much I have really absorbed, and am guessing that this essay/blogg? will show, it has been written ‘on the fly’, after judging more than a dozen wines in three hours, earlier this evening.


Our days course began with a walk past an elephant statue – perched on its nose.

Not perched as in Norwegian Parrot, rather Perched Precariously, as in it just fell off the back of a truck! I can’t help thinking that Terry Pratchett must have had a hand in it.

Lectures began with an outline of what we could expect to achieve, and moved on with individuals explaining why they wanted to become part of the world wide Citizen Journalists group. I had already decided that reporting on interesting events might cause readers to become involved in a range of different hobbbies/pastimes.

The really interesting part here is that one really needs to discover what ones ‘Brand’ is, in order to create a consistent style. Many hints and descriptors were discussed, and most participants seemed quite able to identify with one or two of the dozen, or so, recognised categories.

I felt a little alarmed and confused here, because a part of each and every one of those descriptors for the ‘Brand’ belonged inside me. That’s not to say I felt I was all, or even many, at any given time – rather that I could easily identify with most all ‘Brands’ at some point in time.

In my case, our networking lunch was used to learn a little more about the vagaries of Twittering, though I’m no closer to seeing where it is applicable. The following weeks will tell, I’m sure. Thank you Elizabeth.

The tour thru the ground floor of the ABC studio/office set up was an eye opener. Technology that I had used in the past has changed so much in the last twenty years, and I really should have been prepared for this. So the overall impression left afterwards was of subdued amazement, though I really don’t know why, as the geek in me recognised the purpose of most all the equipment we were able to look at. Thank you Genevieve for an excellent description of your operation.


The afternoon wrap up was designed to have one look inside ones mind, to see where a particular writing style might lead. But at this point I can only surmise that any style within me, if it does indeed exist, might become a little more apparent as the course progresses


3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Yes, it probably will take some time for ‘brand you’ to come together. And don’t be surprised if it’s still murky by the end of the course.Thank you for documenting our ABC trip with a photo.

  2. I recognise that elephant statue! I work nearby. Give me a hoy if you want to have lunch. If you walk around that statue, you will see a rat calmly grooming itself. That rat helped me get my job. I can tell you the story later.

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