Innocence in digital




This blog is a tribute to Ian Skidmore, who in his late 70’s decided to share on his wonderful journalistic skills with all those of a similar age staggering into the digital era. Two weeks ago he died, and with that a great path of discovery ended for Skidmore’s Island.

Now I would like to tread gently into this digital age by recording some of the feelings and events experienced,  as a tribute to the people who have helped shape so many different parts of my life.

As yet I have no idea how to link this Blog to my CitizenJ class, and have just found out that Blogging itself is already on the way to being superseded by other Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook and G+

Now I must leave this blog and prepare for the course.

12 thoughts on “Innocence in digital

  1. Hi Tony, May you enjoy your blogging as much as other will enjoy the world you will immerse them in.

    I doubt that blogging will be replaced by other forms of social media. Those committed to their own blogsites and websites will always use them in preference to Twitter, Facebook and G+, and will more likely use the latter three to draw atttention to their blogsite.

    I found that I needed a commercial reason to continue writing to my blogsites, and it the absence of this, all three of them have slid into hibernation for the past few years. One day that might change. In the meantime they sit there in a tiny corner of cyberspace, possibly catching the odd travellor as they drift past … possibly not. 🙂

  2. … ‘others’ dammit, ‘others’… (no re-edit facility. Why do I always spot my mistakes 1/2 second after I hit the Post button?)

  3. Yes indeed the realm you wish to enter is already part of your character, it is analagous to the packaging industry where observations rather than objects are packaged in a way that allows the reader to experience something they would not otherwise experience. It is an art form that you have perfected in the verbal sense and I don;t see that you will have any trouble moving into the written medium. Living life vicariously is a safe option for many and it takes a skilled orator or journalist to allow people to experience life in that mode. Live a long time Baggins.

  4. Well well baggins. A fabulous brand is what you already have nurtured and groomed to near perfection over the years…so hope to see all fascets of you in your blog…and tweets when you embrace thoughts under 100 characters…I love showing multiple personalities in different written media…I can be Virus….@Missilent or even the very corporate Mrs Foley. ..

  5. What ! People think you have the ability to talk bull***t? Nonsense Baggins, you are merely a quiet observer of human nature, passing the occasional comment to your accompanying flock, keeping the peasants amused, making Maree happy, keeping the world turning. Keep flying Baggins, keep that Android close by. That elephant on its head isn’t the only one out there.

  6. Hi Tony, seems I concur with Ian Lacey and his description of your abilities!!! (All in the nicest possible way!) You’re a good man Gunga Din, keep it up and it truly is a nice tribute to Ian, our friend in common. All very interesting to read.

    • Skiddy was a great writer, raconteur and I do so miss his Blog, ‘Skidmores Island’, just as we all missed the reminiscences in ‘Gentlemen Ranters’. So sad that, while we were all following those entries, most of us never realised how we could interact with the Blogs. That, on its own, was enough of a reason for me to get washed along with the other course members – who all seem to have it tied down nicely, understanding how to use all the tools that go with this particular communicating skill. Great to hear from you, Colin.

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